Saturday, 9 June 2012

More Feedback Instore

If you have been in Argos recently, after you have been served you may of had a member of staff ask to fill in one of those electronic survey thingies. If you haven't, basicaly it's a survey on a touchpad with question about the service you recieved, and you press the applicable buttons. One store they have this at is the Dagneham store, which I visited a few times recently, and as their service was generally good, they got good marks from me on said survey pad. But as I was filling it out, I was thinking this is the kind of thing more retail services should offer too. It's a good way of getting customer feedback, and if customers don't have the time to fill in a long survey by hand on customer service, which shops sometimes ask of us, this is a quicker way to give the feedback. Not only that, if you're fed up with having to give companies your details, which, some companies will use in all manner of annoying ways, you can remain annoymous in these electronic services. If they wanted to be ultra flash, stores could have those touch screen machines on the way out of the store, so customers could have their feedback added then. I really think supermarkets could do with taking Argos' lead for example.


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