Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Another Job Centre Plus/Department of Work and Pensions Complaints Update

Hi their, I come to you with the next Job Centre Plus related 'customer service' update. Just a little thing on the Romford Job Centre Plus' INABILITY TO RING BACK WHEN THEY SAY THEY WILL.
So I have given them plenty of time to ring back, so today, this Friday in June, I'll try ringing them once again,on the Dreaded Job Centre Plus Phoneline (Dun-dun-dun) This time it's gonna have to be different.  If I keep waiting for them to arrange a date, it might not happen before I'm the same age as Sir David Attenbourough. So I came up with the next nearest day that I could make a meeting to them (I tried giving them plenty of time, that didn't work) which is Monday coming, seeing as they will not be open on Saturday or Sunday. I think they have had enough chances now (they had reached that point months ago, to be fair). I gave them any time after 2:30pm for the meeting, so even after the way they have constantly messed me around, they still have plenty of time slots for the meeting to take place. Then if this Tony guy is not avaliable, OK I'll see someone else-because I can see how this meeting could get delayed more and more by them, and this is really supposed to be a complaints issue- I could of really said back at day one, here I am, here's my complaints, and they could of really sent someone their and then for the meeting. I'm not supposed to be accomadating them, my complaints are with them, it should be the other way. It really does seem like their stratedgy has been to delay this as much as possiable.
So I thought I'd also ask JCP why they did not ring back (yet again, so frustrating, the complaints won't go away if that's what they think by ignoring me, with anything it's just adding to them). So I got ringing the Job Centre Plus and, wait for it...... I Got Through Straight Away! What? What's going on?
OK, calm down Ben. I know it's a miracle, but we have the rest of the post to get through. I tried to find out why no one rang, but the lady I was speaking to didn't give me an answer, in fact each time I mentioned it I was met with silence the other end. I tried mentioning it a couple of times-nothing at all back. So this staff member suggested that she could go and try find out from her collouges about my situation and then she could call me back with answers. Sorry but NO. NO WAY. I repeated again how the Job Centre Plus have not been ringing me back, how I had not been recieving their calls.  I said I'd rather stay on the line and wait for her, not take the risk of not getting phoned back once again. So she agreed to this and off she went, while I waited on the line. She was a few minutes away and then returned with her plan. She said on Monday, Tony would ring me, anytime after 9:30am. He would discuss my issues and then if it seemed appropiot I could still come into the JCP branch to discuss them further. Well I wasn't pleased with the meeting being delayed again. But, if his going to talk on the phone, I could at least get to speak with him, see what he has to say on the matters, without a meeting in a branch been canceled. To cut what is such a long, boring and reppititive story with these staff at JCP and DWP, here's what happend next; no one rang back on Monday, so I rang up JCP romford asked if someone could ring back, and why the person who was supposed to ring back didn't-no explanation (or apoligy) for this, I tried to get someone to ring me back at the next avaliable chance, they agreed to this, I waited untill 4pm, they still hadn't called so I rang them. It was Job Centre Romford Manager Nicole who answered. Who informed me, she was going to ring me back (as if I was going to take thr chance waiting any longer again, with their track record), Nicole told me that Tony was on leave. So staff had arrange me a meeting with a man who was on leave, who I had been waiting to get back to me. Brilliant. Nicole told me where she stands on the matter with the whole complaints procedure, was not budging, I could see we were getting no where. She said I could attend the Romford branch, but she had made clear that this was what her final oppinion on the case was, so we both agreed their was pretty much not any point me coming in. So, I was just going to have to try elsewhere.
The saga continues. By the way you might like to know a new TV comedy about the Job Centre Plus is said to be starting soon Thursdays at 8:00pm, alongside the real one which runs at 9:30am to 5:00pm Monday's to Friday's in many areas.


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