Monday, 25 June 2012

Cold Calling

Get cold called? If it's anything like the landline I use, and to a lesser extent the mobile line, you'll have cold calling and scams most days. I find on the landline often it's more like five plus, a day.
Now cold calling is an intresting one, it's in effect a completely legal practise and can be applied for as a legal job (job seekers may notice cold calling jobs advertised in Job Centre Plus branches, or on the Direct Gov job listings). But, just because something is legal in the eyes of the law, that dosen't make it right, and many people find cold calling an unreasonable and annoying practise. Some have found it a form of harrasment, with companies repeatedly cold calling despite people asking them not to, and often calling all hours of the day. On the other hand, many people have found themselves taking on the role of a cold calling job, after they have not yet managed a job in all the other avenues they've tried previously, and at least some earnings for the job is then made, and their in employment.
You'll have to decide for yourself, if you haven't already, what you think of cold calling. Part of the problem is not just the cold calling itself, but how it's conducted: it's one thing to face cold calling and another to be met with a rude cold caller, who's behaviour can verge on harrasment, as I have sometimes found. I've also spoken to some on the phone who are very polite and understanding when you tell them your not intrested in what their trying to sell you, or you are a bit busy to talk with them at that moment.
So it'll be intresting to see this documentary from BBC's Panorama, which looks at all the  calls companies put out, as well as texts, as part of their marketing, which were not asked for by you. The show is on this coming Monday.
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