Thursday, 19 July 2012

Frozen PayPal Accounts Tip

Find When PayPal Say They Will Release Your Funds (For Frozen Accounts)

Right, you know if you have PayPal holding your money ransom until either one of their diva demands are met, or until a certain amount of time has passed (Why? Why must they do this?). Yes, well if you click on the part on your PayPal account where it shows you your pending balance amount, on your statement , you will then be taken to a page where you may find, if PayPal have filled it in on your account, a section that tells you when it is that PayPal actually plan on allowing you each of your funds back, that their currently holding. Their will be a date given, i.e 23th July. Remember though, this is the date they have given you, not the date you should have to wait, if like me, you believe PayPal have no excuse for the whole frozen (sometimes called limited accounts). Also, the date is when they say your funds will be released by, not when the frozen status of your account will be removed.    


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