Friday, 27 April 2012

My GP and Hospital Service by Ann

Here is a new post about GP's and hospital services "If anyone has had a bad experiance with either their GP or hospital, or both that you would not mind telling us  here on this blog, please feel free too.
Here is what my Mum has to say on her experiences
 "Well, it gets a bit much when your GP keeps on losing your prescriptions, especially as I have to write a note everytime requesting more medication, even though I am under our local hostipal, not him, I know he gets paid lots, he should at least do his job with grace.
I went without medication for a whole year once because of this, I was not able to get to hospital to ask for some, as when you have arthiritis it is vital that you keep on taking the medication. The only way anything is ever going to get done is if we do it ourselves. Please let me know of your experiances. The hospital I visit is not brilliant by any means, in fact they fall way below standards of what is expected from the medical profession, the GP is no better. If more people turn to a chemist, supermarkets for advice then their should come a time soon when the doctor their is able to write out repeat prescriptions, after all they are usually more knowledgeable and better qualified to do so...... Let us make a differance......"


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