Thursday, 26 July 2012

Free 20 Quid.Com Review

Want a free £20? That would be nice, wouldn’t it. Is a legit website going to just hand it over like that? Well it’s unlikely, and that is exactly the case for Free 20 Quid, as we can confirm they will not be handing you out a £20, the moment you sign up, ‘just like that’ as Paul Daniels used to say. But you do have the chance to earn money, with what is actually another cash back site. But not only do you not get a free £20 straight away to use as you please, the amount of money you need to earn before you can redeem the mentioned free 20 quid of the websites name, is a further £80. So actually, this site could take longer to earn then similar sites, with it’s much higher redeem threshold. Having said that, if it's quicker to earn the cashback (for example more generous cashback amounts then other websites, and more opportunities to earn) then it might end up been a more generous cashback website.

The website does loose points for using a classic misleading marketing trick. Do you know how I first got to Free 20 Quid’s website? Not by directly visiting the website. I received an email from Survey Central with this message:

free samsung galaxy sII

After clicking the message I was taken and joined up to, Free 20 Quid. You might well of received this offer by email too, as after this one I received about three more from other companies, in my junk and inbox. You might be wondering from the above advert if the offer is genuine or another scam. Well to save you time filling the whole offer in, when it could just be another misleading marketing promotion, I thought I’d test out how the offer does indeed work for you. After taking up the ‘Sign up now’ option, I was then asked to fill in a lot of questions, often expanding into more questions depending on your answers. Basically it’s one of those surveys where they ask you the usual questions about household, money and all that kind of thing, then they ask you if you would like to sign up to any offers, based on the answers you gave. Then you’ll have more pages of offers to sign up to. You’ll be told somewhere in the survey that as well as the phone to test you get a free £20. If you manage to complete the whole survey, you’ll then be taken to free 20, you know despite that website not been mentioned once. The website mentioned was Product but no sign of those guys yet, or any further information about that free Samsung Galaxy SIII to test. Right so, if you have just completed all those survey questions, you will find yourself at as well as being the sites newest member of a site you didn’t ask to sign up to . Internet marketing trickery, never goes out of fashion. OK, we’ll next we’ll see if they can redeem themselves a bit for the trickery with providing a great cashback site, so we will keep you posted (ironic that expression on a blog) on our findings with the site as we test it out.


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