Thursday, 26 April 2012

Social Services Dealings

A Look At The Running Of Social Services

If you have had any experiences that you are willing to share on this blog, regarding Social Services then that would be greatly appreciated. This is for a series of upcoming articles that I'm working on regarding the running of social services, exploring where the service works and where it doesn't. It will include a story from my Mum, as she has had a lot of dealings with Social Services, in particular the Newham Social Services. She is putting together her story to raise awareness over where she believes Social Services needs changing, heighlighting the problems she has come across with them. One of the issues my Mum has had is regarding obtaining her Childcare Files (she has been fighting for years and years to try and obtain records that are rightfully hers to obtain, that could contain important information), if you have had problems obtaining your files that you would like to make known here, then they really would be gratefully received. Thank you for your time.


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