Thursday, 24 May 2012

Tesco's-Try And Make Every Little Bit Of Customer Service Help

tesco logo Pictures, Images and Photos:Your Always Saying Your The Cheapest (Which Your Not Always), But What About Some Much Needed Customer Service Improvements

Now the supermarket Tesco is a place where some good deals can be found in store, a bit less then a few years ago, I would say, but still some good deals to be found. They have their Clubcard, a good idea, though again, a little less generous then it was a few years back. They do some very good food and non-food products. A lot of their prices have risen, like all the supermarkets have in some way (the ads would of course like you to think otherwise), but that's not all that's risen in Tesco. No, I'm not just talking about the bread. I'm talking about the bad customer service. Is it me, or has the service of Tesco's from staff to customer, got worse then it used to be? I'm sure it didn't use to be quite so frequent. In the many different branches of Tesco's I have visited-their are a lot of branches around, as Tesco's now owns half of the UK's land*-I have found some of the staff to be helpfull and friendly, though nothing standout when compared to other supermarkets. I have also found a lot of customer service to be not so good. As I say, their has been some staff that have been helpfull and try and do their job in a friendly manner, but also, too often some bad customer service in Tesco's around the country has appeared. In fact Tesco's must be one of the most complained about supermarkets in the UK. So a lot of people are not pleased with their service, then. It seems many of you have found problems with the way staff have been conducting themselves, including staff acting rude, not been helpfull to shoppers and beenunfair. Tesco's please improve this. Out So many new branches if your stores keep popping up-in the town of Romford yet another Tesco's store (another Metro, they aready have one not far from it, not to mention all the other Tesco stores nearby). Some branches seem to have consistantly bad service more then others. For me,the worse has been a Tesco Extra store in Romeo.Corner, near Romford. Often in visits, staff were unhelpful to customers when they asked for instore help. Another thing that I found was they had a thing about been a bit, well you could say stingey, refusing to reduce items that should really of been heavly reduced. For example, refusing to reduce a backpack that had a broken zip when customers were rightly pointing out how can they not reduce it. Or theirs sone diaries, very nice patterned ones Tesco's sell, that were on a sale, yet one left was in much worse condition. Staff refused to allow it to be further reduced. A bit tight, isn't it? Especially when you consider how much money Tesco has made. Though they are still in the profits, they have been falling compared to previous years, perhaps some of you have began to tire of parts of Tesco's customer service. What it seems to me ia,before opening up more and more stores, how about you work to improve customer service in the branches you already have open.
I think many people would prefer this then the current trend of the 'big four' supermarkets, yes thar includes you Tesco, of using tricks to make you products seem cheaper and a better deal then they actually are. It is other supermarkets as well as Tesco, where I think goos customer service needs to be much more if a focus point, but so far Tesco's has been sticking out as one of them that needs it the most.
*Some esageration may of been used. Yes A little.


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